where do you go after Torquay?
Enter the Regional Qualifier at Golders Green on 3rd September!
from the Watford Junior Chess Briefing #417
20th to 24th July 2022 at Kingston University
from the excellent Watford Junior Chess newsletter
ECF rated 9 round standard evening event in the Mind Sports Centre, Hammersmith - starts 28th July 2022
On Chess England, Chess Results, FIDE and the ECF Calendar!
Results and prizes from the Golders Green FIDE rapid tournament of 2nd July 2022
@ The Clissold Arms, London N2 on Tuesdays 10.30am to 5pm
come and play ECF rated chess in sunny London (!)
six evening games of ECF rated chess in London NW6, afternoon rapid chess in Kensington, the world famous Golders Green, daytime in Muswell Hill
Over the Board Chess Tournaments in May and June