My Week in Chess

London League is back! Anyone can play....

carlsen watch

Magnus Carlsen rolls on with another series of quality chess events online… from November the next season of the Tour will continue to bring exciting chess entertainment to viewers via TV, streaming services and on throughout 2020 and 2021.

london league chess online

Wednesdays. The Online version of the popular London chess League kicked off last night and was hailed as a great success, with over 120 players taking part from around the world! If you want to be part of a team contact one of the Captains. If you think you might be interested in taking your league online let me know.

chess coaching

Fridays - from this Friday 23 October - a new chess class for players graded up to 1500 / ECF 100 or thereabouts. Join us at 7.00pm for an hour of discussion followed by two practice games. More details here.

Tuesdays - from 17 October, a class for club players up to 1800 / ECF 150, 7.00pm start and the usual format. Register here -

chess tournaments

Thursdays. Tonight we are having a friendly tournament on Tornelo, no entry fee and no requirements to be on Zoom. 4 rounds at 10 minutes + 5 seconds a move. The rounds start at 7.30pm, 8pm, 8.30pm and 9pm to a finish. Register your name here -

what I am watching

The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix is released tomorrow. Listen to the preview (PLOT SPOILER ALERT) with Ben Graff and myself here - - then listen to the review of the series next Monday on our Chess Circuit podcast!

what I am reading

I am reading a really excellent book (Chess Improvement It's All in the Mindset), which I will review in full once I have digested the whole thing - by GM Peter Wells and Barry Hymer. Summary - it’s a corker!

who am I talking to on the podcast!

I have been talking to Andrew Horne from South Africa, and tomorrow I will be chatting to some folks from the Fiji Chess Association (can you see where I am planning my next holidays?).

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